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Ever since its introduction to the United Kingdom over 30 years ago, Alkor single ply membrane has been increasing in popularity as an alternative to traditional felt flat roof coverings.

Alkor membranes can be easily installed on a variety of different roof types such as dormers, mansard, kitchen extensions, balconies and garden roofs. The Alkor membrane is a strong, flexible sheet of PVC which can be welded together to form a single, complete covering over a flat roof.

Why Choose Alkor?

Versatile Systems
It allows clients to choose from a variety of colours and textures for their finished roof system. Alkor membrane is an ideal choice for both new and refurbished buildings.

Environmentally Friendly

The Alkor membranes are not only waterproof but are also permeable to vapour. This allows the roof to “breathe” which makes Alkor particularly suited to roof renovations. In the majority of cases, instead of having to remove the defective waterproofing, which will be taken to landfill, all that is required is to install the Alkor waterproofing system over the existing one. A proportion of the water inside the old roofing system will diffuse through the membrane over time. Alkor is also a member of the RoofCollect recycling programme.

Fire Safety
Alkor membrane installations do not require any naked flames or hot bitumen on site therefore reducing the risk of fire.

Approved Installers
Only approved contractors are allowed to purchase and install Alkor membranes. All operatives must pass installation courses and are continually trained and monitored.